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Mistborn: The Sequels

Mistborn's sequel is probably more engaging than even the first. The funny thing is, it's almost entirely about a protracted siege, and yet it's a very involving read. It probably doesn't, however, lend itself as easily to film format, especially if it's marketed to teens and young adults, who might be expecting more of a Hunger Games type film. Despite that, I know there are ways to make it work.
As with the first, this has pretty much gotta be a movie. It's a longer novel, but there's a lot of internal monologuing and scenes that could be shortened. That said, while there's a lot of cast from the first film coming over to this one, there are also a lot of new characters.

For this blog, I'm not going to mention the characters I've already cast from part one. There's no need to. They don't really age much from then, and I don't plan on needing to recast any of them. I will say, however, that this will be the film that really fleshes out the roles played by Jamie Blackley and Diogo Morgado, and preps them for future stardom.

So, here's the new characters, and my choices for each.

First, there's Zane, a Mistborn who intrigues Vin, and who has some anti-establishment ideas. Zane's hiding several secrets, and in the interest of refraining from spoilers, I won't say what they are, except to say that it's very hard, initially, to know what side he's on. This is a very engaging role, and I think should be played by an up-and-comer who doesn't have a ton of star power yet, but who could very soon. I chose Black Sails actor Luke Arnold.
Luke Arnold

The next role was harder, and open to numerous different interpretations. Lord Ferson Penrod (whose first name I pronounce "FEHR-sun" because I don't think it should rhyme with "person") is an older, conservative nobleman who likes Elend but doesn't think much of Elend's present rule. Again, not much I can say without spoilers, but for some reason, the image of Timothy Spall came to my mind. He's aging, but not elderly, and isn't bald, but I still think he could work.
Timothy Spall
Next, we have Lord Ashweather Cett. I had no trouble casting this one. The only real concern I have is the actor's age. He's 77, but I'm not all that upset about it because he seems to have stopped aging somewhere around 60, plus he just fits the character so well. Cett is a pompous blowhard with a booming voice and a huge beard. He's implied to be rather heavy of frame, but even if he isn't, it fits the idea that Cett is also a paraplegic, and therefore doesn't likely get much exercise (not that the actor is fat). So...can do pompous and loud with a booming voice and wears a big bushy beard? That sounds like Brian Blessed to me.
Brian Blessed
My next choice might be somewhat controversial. Terriswoman Tindwyl shows up early on to help Elend look and behave more Kingly. As she's from Terris, I wanted a Latina actress for her, but I wasn't sure who would be best. However, she's described as "mature" but still beautiful, and young enough that Sazed feels she's his contemporary. So, I didn't want someone aged, just maybe in their late 40's and still with good looks. I picked Salma Hayek.
Salma Hayek
For Lord Cett's daughter, Allrianne, I wanted someone who was easy to mistake for a brainless beauty, since that's exactly what Allrianne wants you to think she is. I also figured this is a great role for a not-yet-famous actress who's star is just beginning to rise. So I picked The Wolf of Wall Street's Margot Robbie.
Margot Robbie
The next choice is for a voice actor, so a picture probably isn't necessary. Vin's shape-shifting footman, OreSeur, spends most of the film in the body of a dog. His voice isn't really described, but somehow, I think British comedian Matt Berry could handle the gruff, but still very cultured and mannered, tones of OreSeur's dog body. A picture of Berry doesn't do much good here (though I'm still including one) because really, you'd have to hear him speak. Trust me, he has an impressive voice.
Matt Berry
Two minor, but very important roles are next. The first is newly-empowered merchant-turned-city councilman Philen Frandeau. Frandeau makes me think of a weaselly little runt who makes you want to smack him the first time you see him. I see him simpering and sniveling, and being obsequious. Sounds like a role that Adam Godley could play with ease.
Adam Godley

I'll have part three up soon, but to be honest, there aren't many new characters in that one. There's certainly a few, but few enough I may even just add them to this entry. We'll see.

Yeah, I decided to just update this entry. There are really only three characters in The Hero of Ages that are new.
The first new role is Obligator King Aradan Yomen. He's about the same age as Elend, crafty and analytical. Also a fanatical devotee to the Lord Ruler, and presented as a villain for much of it. Rising star Daniel Sharman came to mind.
Daniel Sharman
Another villain is skaa tyrant Quellion, AKA "The Citizen". He claims to have realized Kelsier's dream of skaa ruling skaa, but he's at least as bad, and as much a hypocrite, as the Lord Ruler. Somehow, the mix of handsome charisma and pretty-boy arrogance of up-coming actor Kyle Schmid seemed appropriate.
Kyle Schmid
Finally, there's the Citizen's sister. Beldre has led a sheltered life, and has an innocence you don't see in many of the other characters. Worldly wise, she is not, but she's still a good character, and one who will have to be able to show strength of character even in her ignorance of how the world works. Think Rose in Titanic. I like Kay Panabaker for her.
Kay Panabaker
I just started the Mistborn distant-sequel novel The Alloy of Law. It seems like the stuff of movies, so I may cast that one as well. We'll see when I'm finished.

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